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What is DecraTrim Design Trim?
DecraTrim Design Trim is a decorative design trim which is installed into garage doors, usually at the time of installation. They are installed into window frames with the glazing material.

What material is it made of?
We thermoform the decorative trim parts from impact resistant ABS plastic. With nearly 30 years in manufacturing this product we have found ABS to be the most impact and temperature resistant material available. National uses 100% virgin, premium quality, sheet material to manufacture DecraTrim Design Trim.

What care is required?
DecraTrim Design trim needs to be painted in order to protect it from UV (ultra-violet) degradation just as we have to use sunblock to protect our skin. If it is not painted you will notice it turning yellow. We custom paint design trim for manufacturers and dealers, so insist that your trim be painted.

How do I clean the glass?
It really depends on what style window frame that is installed in your door. We manufacture many different types of window frames for garage doors to meet the requirements of the door manufacturers and dealers. Some frames do not allow the trim to be removed for cleaning while other premium frames do allow it to be removed.

Can I change the style of trim when I get tired of it?
This again depends on the type of window frame used in your door. If you have our new "Snap-In Trim" window frames you can change the trim as often as you wish. Just order the extra designs from your garage door installing and servicing dealer.

I'm worried about security, I don't want windows in my garage door!
Burglers do not usually enter thru the windows of garage doors, the windows and doors in your home are a much easier target! They may look into your garage to see if you have a car at home. If this is your concern, ask your garage door dealer to install an obscure glazing material such as dark tinted glass, obscure plexi-glass, or even to just paint the back side of the glass black.

DecraTrim Makes Beautiful Windows Easy

All of our steel doors can have windows added to allow light into your garage and to add aesthetic appeal. Amarr makes a variety of easy-to-snap-in window designs that give your home a unique look. Turn your Amarr garage door into a distinctive architectural element for your home with our DecraTrim inserts.

  • Added visual interest and value to your home.
  • Each piece of DecraTrim is rendered in crisp detail.
  • DecraTrim snaps out for easy cleaning.
  • One-of-a-kind, woodgrain textures, color-matched to your door.
  • Wide selection of style



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